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Snow day



It’s Day 2 of a city-wide shutdown due to a measly 4 inches of snow. (I know this sounds ridiculous, but 1) it rarely ever snows here so we’re not well-prepared and 2) it’s very hilly in Seattle. Every time it snows, people put together hilarious montages like this from sitting on their decks and watching fools underestimate the danger.)

Anyway, I’ve been working from home the last two days and am absolutely stir-crazy. I walked to the library just so I could safely get some fresh air and a little exercise. I *love* my library. It was bustling in there, so clearly I wasn’t the only person that needed to get out. In addition to tons of kids running around and laying on the floor reading books, there were half a dozen people sitting in pairs practicing their English speaking skills, and a really funny older gentleman who came in to return a book that he very loudly shared with the librarian is the very best alphabet book ever — P is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever.

I sat at a table for a good while and looked through cookbooks. I’m having a dinner party in a few weeks for people that I love, which is one of my favorite things to do, but one of those people is a vegetarian, which always stumps me when it comes to deciding what to make. I checked one of those out (Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffee Break, which I am admittedly going to cook from today and has nothing to do with said dinner party) and got my next book club book (Golden State, by the author of the wonderful Underground Airlines) and picked up a hold that had come in for me (Finding Mezcal: A Journey Into the Liquid Soul of Mexico). Then I walked home and had a giant cup of coffee underneath a blanket.

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